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All Jetzon tire lines are warranted against failures due to defects in workmanship and materials. The following Jetzon tire lines are warranted for a no-charge warranty
replacement for defects in material or workmanship during the first fifty percent (50%) of the tire’s Useable Tread:

Jetzon Genesis
The following Jetzon tire line is warranted for a no-charge warranty replacement for defects in material or workmanship during the first twenty-five percent (25%) of the tire’s
Useable Tread:

Jetzon Revenger HTS
A no-charge warranty replacement is available for all other Jetzon tire lines if a defect in material or workmanship occurs during the first 2/32nds of an inch of Useable Tread. If
you are entitled to receive a no-charge warranty replacement tire, the mounting and balancing of that tire will also be provided at no charge.

If an Jetzon tire fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials after the applicable no-charge replacement period specified above for the Jetzon tire line you purchased, you
will be entitled to a prorated allowance applicable to the purchase price of a comparable new Jetzon or other tire brand marketed by Treadways. This replacement tire
allowance will be prorated and calculated by dividing the number of 32nds of Useable Tread remaining when the tire is presented for warranty replacement (rounding to the
nearest 32nd of an inch) by the total number of 32nds of an inch of Useable Tread.

You will be responsible for the charges applicable for mounting, balancing and taxes for the warranty replacement tire when the tire fails due to defects in
material or workmanship after your Jetzon tire line no-charge replacement period has ended.

Once the Useable Tread of an Jetzon tire has been exhausted, this warranty for defects in material and workmanship has also been exhausted and the benefits of the Limited
Warranty terminate.

You must be the original purchaser of a warranted tire and the tire must have been continuously installed on the vehicle on which it was first installed. Your sales receipt is your
proof of purchase and the vehicle upon which the tire was originally installed. This limited tire warranty is not transferable to another vehicle or to another person. This
warranty does not cover tires installed on a commercial vehicle or a vehicle put in commercial use.

To be and remain eligible for the Tread Life portion of your Limited Warranty, you must present proof that you have rotated the Jetzon tire, in accordance with the prescribed
rotation pattern, at least every 6,000 miles following installation. For your convenience, the prescribed tire rotation pattern and a space to record the date and frequency of
rotation is provided at the end of this Limited Warranty Booklet.

It is your obligation to present the tire for which you are seeking a warranty replacement or a replacement allowance to a Jetzon tire dealer. Until a tire is accepted by the
dealer for warranty replacement or allowance, the tire remains the responsibility of the purchaser. Once the tire is accepted by the dealer for Limited Warranty replacement or
allowance, you agree to relinquish all ownership and all rights to the tire. To locate a dealer near you, contact Treadways by telephone toll-free during normal business hours at
800-523-0430 If there is a dispute with respect to the application of this warranty you must make the tire available for further inspection.

When you purchased your Jetzon tire, the dealer presented you with proof of its purchase in the form of a sales receipt, warranty registration form, and this Limited Warranty
Booklet. That receipt also recorded and provides proof of important information that you must present when you seek the benefits of this Limited Warranty. You should retain
the purchase receipt because no warranty claim will be accepted by your Jetzon dealer or Treadways unless you retain and present the following to the dealer when you seek to
the benefits of this limited warranty:

Proof of your purchase of the Jetzon tire presented
Proof of the date of your purchase (if none is presented the date of manufacture will be used for the purposes of this Limited Warranty)
Proof as to the vehicle on which this tire was mounted
The mileage of the vehicle on which this tire was mounted on the date of purchase
Proof that the tire was properly rotated at the required intervals when a Tread Life Warranty claim is presented

Jetzon tire owners should follow these safety tips to avoid serious accident and injury:

Tire under inflation, over inflation or overloading can cause tire failure (you must adhere to directions in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual or tire placard in the vehicle for
proper tire pressures for the front and rear tires)
Be sure that the tire valve caps are all present and securely attached, the valve cap is one of the primary seals against air leaks
Tires should be mounted by only specially trained dealer personnel
Match the tire’s diameter with the wheel rim’s bead seat diameter (for example, a 15 inch tire must only be mounted on a 15 inch wheel)
Inflation pressure should be checked, using an accurate tire gauge, at least once a month and check pressure when the tire is cool; never bleed hot tires as it may lead to under
inflation after cooling; but never allow children to check, inflate or deflate tires
Before towing a trailer, check with your dealer to determine proper tire sizing and pressures that may be required because of the trailer load
Check tires frequently for cuts, bulges, abnormal or uneven wear, abrasions, glass or metal debris and impact damage
Repairs to tires must always consist of a plug combined with a patch applied to the inside of the tire when the tire is removed from the wheel; plug repairs only are improper and
are prone to leaks and sudden failures
Avoid road hazards, debris, curbs and potholes which can damage your tires, wheels and alignment
Never over inflate your tire and never exceed the maximum pressure and load molded in the tire sidewall and only inflate tire to maximum pressure when your tires are carrying
the maximum load
Have tire punctures repaired by the trained personnel at a Jetzon dealer
If your vehicle is stuck in snow, mud, sand or is impeded by a physical obstruction, such as a ditch, avoid excessive tire spinning; never exceed 35 miles an hour on the odometer
when spinning a tire as the centrifugal force generated above that speed could result in tire deformation or explosion. Instead, use gentle forward and backward motion to free
the vehicle.
Best tire performance is achieved when all tires are of the same type and the size that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for the particular axle. Never mount radial
ply tires on the same axle as non-radial ply tires; never mount radial tires on the front axle when non-radial tires are mounted on the rear axle as these conditions can create
vehicle instability resulting in sudden loss of control, damage and injury.
It is recommended that all four (4) tires on a passenger or light truck vehicle be replaced at the same time. However, when only two (2) tires are replaced, the new tires should
be installed on the rear axle to achieve better driving performance and safety.
Never drive on tires that have less than 2/32nds of an inch of tread remaining; replace tires as soon as the tread reaches the treadwear indicators molded into the tread grooves of
the tire which reveal when the tread depth remaining is 2/32nds of an inch. Continued use creates a serious risk of tire failure, loss of control and serious injury
Never operate your vehicle at speeds above that posted or speeds that are not justified by the road conditions

If you experience “Ride Disturbance” attributable solely to the Jetzon tire you purchased during the first 2/32nds of an inch of Useable Tread Life, we will replace the tire
causing the Ride Disturbance with a comparable new Jetzon tire without charge for the replacement tire, mounting, balancing or taxes. “Ride Disturbance” occurs when a tire
does not deliver a satisfactory ride or displays an unsatisfactory road handling characteristic that is attributable solely to the tire. Ride Disturbance may be caused by many other
mechanical issues, including improper alignment and failing shock absorbers and brakes. Normally, Ride Disturbance should not be present when tires are properly mounted and
balanced, and never occurs on all four tires. Therefore, a Ride Disturbance Warranty will not apply to all four tires. Ride Disturbance warranty claims will not be honored after
the first 2/32nds of an inch of Useable Tread wear has occurred.

The exclusions and limitations on the applicability of this warranty set forth in this section and other sections should be read carefully because they may determine whether you
are entitled to a warranty replacement or a warranty replacement allowance. The limited warranties for the Jetzon tire you purchased do not apply, If one of the following
conditions applies or the tire failed because:

tires installed on a vehicle registered or normally used outside the United States and Canada
the tire was installed on a commercial or commercial use vehicle (e.g., limousine)
the tire was transferred to another vehicle after it was originally installed
tires installed on a vehicle with a malfunctioning odometer
the tire is branded as “Blemish” or “NA” or the molded DOT number has been removed or disfigured
the tire was repaired in a manner that does not comply with Rubber Manufacturers Association standards
road hazard, potholes, or collision damage,improper mounting or balancing, vandalism, theft, racing, off-road use, long-term improper storage or other abuse
over and under inflation, overloading, or failure to maintain proper tire pressure
addition of liquids, solids or gases (other than air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide)
ozone or weather cracks or checking occurring four (4) years after the date of purchase or, if that proof is not available, four (4) years after the DOT serial date
vehicle mechanical failures, improper alignment, brake and shock failure, or improperly aligned tires causing “irregular treadwear” (i.e. tread groove depth difference of 2/32nds
of an inch or more on the same tire)
the wheel on which the tire is mounted is defective or fails
alteration of tread design to improve traction (e.g., siping) or grinding to improve uniformity, or sidewall inlays
Your legal rights vary from state to state. To the extent permitted by the laws of your state, this Limited Warranty does not cover and expressly excludes any coverage for
personal injury, property damage, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of your vehicle or tire, or any other incidental or consequential damages. No express warranty is given
other than those expressly stated in this Limited Warranty booklet. Any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, is limited in duration
and expire when the tire’s Useable Tread is exhausted as specified in this limited warranty. No implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise,
is given on tires used on commercial vehicles or for commercial use vehicles. This is the only warranty that applies to the Jetzon tires purchased by you and supersedes and
replaces the terms of any previous warranty. Treadways neither assumes nor extends, nor authorizes any other person or entity to assume or extend on its behalf, any other or
different warranty obligation.

Jetzon Tire was introduced in 1965 and remains one of the most respected brands in the replacement tire market. Here are just a few of
the reasons why for more than forty five years Jetzon has been recognized as a brand that you can trust.

Jetzon Tire offers state-of-the-art touring, high performance and broad-line tires for passenger cars as well as an extensive variety of
light truck/SUV tires for highway, off-road and aggressive traction applications. Our products also include commercial light and medium
truck radials for a wide variety of applications, as well as a complete line of agricultural, industrial and specialty tires.

Jetzon tires are made worldwide by the best, most quality-conscious manufacturers. Best of all, with our strict demand for innovative
products from our suppliers, you can be sure that the Jetzon brand will remain technologically superior.

Jetzon tires are backed with warranty protection that gives you piece of mind and security.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with independent tire dealers and market our Jetzon line through a nationwide network
of distributors.

At Jetzon Tire, our goal is simple.....deliver outstanding Value, Performance and Quality every time...

Jetzon Proudly Introduces New Luxury Touring Line!
Jetzon Tire introduces the all new Genesis LST/LSH/LSV line of Premium Touring tires for luxury performance sedans and crossover vehicles. The Genesis is the most technologically
advanced passenger tire that Jetzon has ever introduced, with an impressive list of features designed to deliver maximum all season performance, handling and ride comfort. The Genesis
is initially available in 36 T, H & V rated sizes and offers broad vehicle coverage, ranging from 15 to 19 inch rim diameters. 12 additional sizes are planned for later this year.
Among the technological advances of the Genesis is the Variable Progressive Siping Technology, or VPS. This unique technology enhances and extends the all season traction capability of
the Genesis LST/LSH/LSV through the use of a multi-dimensional sipe blade that changes its shape as the tire wears, allowing for the gradual development of additional “biting edges” that
support the overall traction performance of the Genesis beyond that normally experienced with standard siping. The ”VPS Advantage” is a real advantage for drivers who chose the Genesis
Another feature of the Genesis is the addition of silica to the tread compound. The silica based tread provides the Genesis with the dual benefits of excellent traction performance in cold
weather conditions and lowered rolling resistance properties, which could contribute to increased vehicle fuel efficiency.
The Genesis LST/LSH/LSV is backed by an outstanding Warranty package that provides confidence and peace of mind for the consumer, including:

80,000 mile Limited Rated Treadwear  for T-rated sizes
60,000 mile Limited Rated Treadwear  for H&V rated sizes
Free Replacement for the first 50% of tread for Workmanship and Material Issues
Free 2 year Roadside Assistance Plan for Tire related issues


Computer Generated All Season Tread Design For All Weather Performance
Wide Circumferential Grooves For Excellent On-Road Comfort And Responsiveness
Slotted Shoulder And Lateral Slots Provide Exceptional Wet, Dry And Snow Traction
Solid Center Rib For Improved Steering Responses
60,000 Mile / 60 Month Limited Rated Treadwear  (Metric Only)
W&M - Free Replacement 1st 50% Treadwear


Computer Generated Tread Design For Superior All Terrain Performance
Extensive, Full Depth Siping And Wide Grooves For Superior Water Dispersion
Variable Tread Element Positioning For A Quiet Smooth Ride
Tread Engineered To Deliver Exceptional Traction And Improved Treadwear
50,000 Mile Limited Rated  Treadwear  (Metric Only)

Quality Warranty Backed Tires,Without The Magic Smoke & Light Show
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